Africa Centre for Holistic Management

For over 20 years the Africa Centre For Holistic Management has been successfully reversing desertification on our 3,200-hectare Dimbangombe Ranch by integrating a holistically-managed, multi-species livestock herd with a large wildlife population.

We’ve developed methods for protecting livestock from predators, such as lion-proof night enclosures, and low-stress herding techniques that enable us to keep animals bunched, safe, and healthy on an unfenced ranch surrounded by two million hectares of unfenced parks and safari areas.

Dimbangombe’s training center hosts several hundred community leaders and NGO staff each year for training in “Holistic Land and Livestock Management.” The program uses the curriculum we jointly developed with Savory Institute to address the specific needs and context of subsistence farmers living and grazing on communal lands. This curriculum is now used throughout Southern Africa and increasingly elsewhere.

Come visit us! We offer a range of lodging choices and home-cooked meals – with ingredients sourced from the ranch butchery and gardens when possible. In addition to ranch tours we offer a variety of wildlife- or adventure-related activities – both on the ranch and in nearby Victoria Falls.

Our Purpose

To spread the knowledge and practice of Holistic Management through training and support and in collaboration with aligned partners, and to evidence the value of managing Dimbangombe Ranch holistically.

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Lao Watson-Smith
  • Cattle / Sheep / Goats
  • Wildlife Integration
  • Meat
  • Multi-species
  • On-site Processing
  • Agroforestry
  • Research
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  • Field Professionals (3)
  • Professional Educators (3)
  • Communal Curriculum



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