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100+ Products that Support Regenerative Agriculture

Vote with your dollar by supporting authentic brands who are creating high-quality products verified by Land to Market – the world’s first verified regenerative sourcing solution for meat, dairy, wool and leather.

How do these products heal the land?

Regenerative agriculture promotes soil health, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and water cycle restoration. By purchasing the products below from brands who are supporting regenerative agriculture, you can buy the best ingredients for your meals and give memorable gifts while also giving back to the land upon which we all depend.

Land to Market Verification Seal

We’ve compiled a diverse list of Land to Market verified products, products that all come from land that’s regenerating and has been verified through our Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV). No greenwashing here – we’re talking measured and verified real-world outcomes! Here’s how we do it. With over two million acres around the world being monitored through EOV, there is something for everyone!
Land to Market Regenerative Buying Guide

Find products that have a positive impact on the planet.

Fresh Meats, Snacks & Dairy


White Oak Pastures is an amazing farm that is restoring an entire rural community in Georgia. They currently raise ten species of humanely treated animals living in symbiotic relationships with each other. They are also a Savory Institute Hub. White Oak participated in a groundbreaking life cycle assessment (LCA) that looked at the rest of the impact from their processing and distribution. The results showed that their beef sequestors 3.5 kilograms of carbon for every 1 kilogram produced! All of their products are verified through Land to Market. Shop here.

Lamb Sausage Merguez

Beef Bundle

Whole Chicken

Bone-in Pork Rib Chop

Duck Leg Quarters

Holiday Turkey


REP Provisions – The Regenerative Company  – was started from a collaboration between players in the Savory Network, most prominently the Hub in Oklahoma. All of their products come from verified regenerative landscapes and are Land to Market verified. Shop here.

Grill Master Box

REP Regenerative Beef Bone Broth

Soup & Stew Kits

Butcher's Cut Box


Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed a Savory Hub based in Minnesota works with 60 family farms across the U.S. raises 100% Grass Fed Beef using regenerative agriculture practices. All products in Thousand Hills comprehensive product line come from verified regenerative landscapes that are Land to Market EOV certified. Shop here.

Grassfed Ground Beef

Summer Sausage

Paleo Bone Broth Chili

Beef Brisket

Richards Grassfed Beef

Richard’s Grassfed Beef is a multigenerational family ranch in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. They are certified by the American Grassfed Association and were the first beef company on the US West Coast to receive Land to Market verification. All of their products come from verified regenerative landscapes and are Land to Market verified. Shop here.

Regenerative Grassfed Brisket

Regenerative Grassfed Filet Mignon

Regenerative Grassfed Chuck Roast

Regenerative Grassfed Tri Tip


All Force of Nature animals are raised in environments that encourage the expression of their natural behaviors while consuming the diets that they were biologically engineered and evolved to eat. The following items come from properties that have gone through the EOV and Land to Market verification process.

Ground Pork

Iberico Bacon


All of The Honest Bison’s grazing partners utilize holistic management in their grazing planning. This means that the animals and pastures are managed as a whole and mimicking the patterns of nature. The products below are coming from landbases that have been verified Land to Market.

Bison Ribeye

Bison Filet Mignon


Iberian Pastures was born when pure-bred Iberico pigs were inserted into the holistic planned grazing at White Oak Pastures. The animals are 100% pasture-raised, roaming freely and never treated with steroids or antibiotics on one of the largest pasture raised livestock operations in the USA. All of their products come from verified regenerative landscapes and are Land to Market verified. Shop here.

Ayw Iberico Umami Burger

Iberico Sugar-free Bacon

Iberico Bone-in Loin Chop

Regenerative Burger with Iberico Bacon


EPIC Provisions was Land to Market’s first brand partner. They are on a mission to create delicious animal-based superfoods that promote the health of humans, animals and land. This means sourcing 100% grass-fed ruminant animals and promoting the journey for livestock producers to achieve verified regenerative results. The following products are Land to Market verified with more coming soon.

Sriracha Beef Bites

Beef & Beef Liver Bites


Union has built support for regenerative farms into the founding principles of their business, innovating the meat snack category with incredibly unique and delicious offerings. The following products are Land to Market verified with more coming soon.

Sweet & Hot Pork Trail Mix Square

Duck L’orange Trail Mix Square

Beef Cranberry Trail Mix Square

Carnivore Snax

This is an on-the-go snack for meat-eaters. Carnivore Snax utilizes whole-muscle-cuts to provide an entirely new crispy & crunchy eating experience. All of their products are verified through Land to Market. Shop here.


Pork Loin

Eye of Round

Leg of Lamb

Alexandre Family Farm

Alexandre Family Farm’s dairy cows enjoy true outdoor living as they graze open pastures. The depth of their commitment: to family tradition, to regenerative organic farming, and to providing consistent quality from a single-origin farm, is matched only by the depth of taste in their products. Alexandre Family Farm is the first dairy to obtain Ecological Outcome Verification certification by the Savory Institute. Located in Northern California’s Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. Purchase Alexandre Family Farm products at Whole Foods Market and other retailers throughout the country.

Eco Dairy Milk



It’s no surprise that a brand which has been a leader on so many important issues would also be a first mover on supporting regenerative agriculture. One of their primary sources of wool comes from the Savory Institute Hub in Argentina, OVIS XXI. Take a look at these beautiful landscapes and incredible sheep farmers producing this outstanding fiber. All of EILEEN FISHER’s products on this page labeled “regenerative” utilized merino wool coming directly from the verified regenerative farmers that the Hub works with there. 

Merino Cropped Turtleneck Top

Merino Jersey Jogger Pant

Merino Rib Raglan Cardigan

Merino Mock Neck Top

Merino Scrunch Neck Dress

Merino Cropped Cardigan


Timberland is a well-known leader in the apparel industry for environmental and social justice. This year, they launched a collection of boots made with fully traceable leather from verified Land to Market regenerative ranches. This was a watershed moment for the leather industry as, until now, many considered traceable leather to be an impossibility to provide at any scale. With partner Other Half Processing, Timberland showed the world that fully transparent leather sourcing is in fact possible. The initial sourcing of hides came through the Savory Hub in Minnesota, Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed.

Men's Courma Guy EK+ Waterproof Boots

Women's Courma Valley 6-Inch Waterproof Boot

Men’s Heritage EK+ 6 inch Boot

Men's Monadnock Regenerative Leather Wallet

Lagom Leather

Lagom Leather is striving to display the values of regenerative agriculture through the medium of leather. It is almost impossible to find transparency in the leather industry, but Lagom Leather refuses to be that way. Their leather is fully traceable from the land to the customers’ hands. All leather is sourced from White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia. Purchase Lagom Leather products on

mini tote - brown

tri tote - brown

mini tote - black

tri tote - black

Unique Offerings


White Oak has been recognized as a world-renowned innovator in creating diverse products that they grow in order to support their rural community. They produce their own honey, leather products, tallow candles, cosmetics, pet treats and much more.  All of their products are verified through Land to Market.

Leather Coaster Set

Leather Laptop Case

Leather Card Wallet

Wildflower Honey


Woolfolk yarns combine the highest quality wool with ethical, sustainable practices. The Ultimate Merino® fiber used doesn’t happen by chance, but by the innovative efforts of farmers to produce the very best wool fiber while also being land stewards of the Patagonian grasslands through Ovis 21. All of the yarns below are made entirely from Ovis wool that has been verified by Land to Market. 

Tov Yarn

Flette Bulky Yarn

Far Yarn

Flette Yarn

Onda Wellness

With a mission to heal people, empower farmers, and support the regeneration of the Earth, Onda Wellness is striving to create an alternative path away from conventional, commodity farming and corporate industrial agriculture and towards regenerative agriculture, paving the way for a higher standard in the herbal wellness industry. Onda Wellness provides Land To Market’s first verified hemp and CBD oil products, with hemp sourced from Casad Family Farms, which is verified as regenerating through the Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV.) Purchase Onda Wellness products at

Original Hemp

Valued Members

Land to Market Member Brands

The following brands are member brands of Land to Market. Each is working on launching and expanding their regenerative offerings. Consider purchasing from these brands that are on the journey of cultivating a better world for all.

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 12.07.05 PM
Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 12.19.56 PM
Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 1.48.47 PM
rep provisions
white oak pastures
Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed Logo
Honest Bison
Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 12.52.17 PM
hd wool
range Patagonian grass fed beef
the ethical buther
777 Bison Ranch
Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 12.38.29 PM
Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 12.42.37 PM

If you own or work for a brand and would like to learn more – watch this Land to Market webinar – and then schedule time with our leadership team here.


EducationAL Resources

A collection of online courses and films to help expand your knowledge of Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture.

Foundations of Holistic Management Course Bundle

Kiss the Ground Soil Advocacy Course

nRhythm Foundations of Regenerative Organizations Course

Sacred Cow: The Case for Better Meat


These books, written by some of the leaders in this space, provide a great introduction to regenerative agriculture for those interested in learning more.

The Reindeer Chronicles

Kiss the Ground: The Book

Holistic Management Textbook

Holistic Management Handbook

Savory Institute

Savory Institute

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