Ovis 21

Ovis 21 is a B Corp born in Patagonia. We are a network of producers and professionals who seek to change the paradigm from extractive to regenerative farming, through constant innovation and collaboration based on trust.

We created the first grassland certification for regenerative grazing in the region (GRASS), and that become the basis for Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV).

We established a regenerative wool supply chain with more than 1.3 million hectares under certification. Our farmers use Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) for animal welfare practices.

We have a well known school for Holistic Management training in spanish language, and performed HM Training courses for more than 400 people in Argentina, España, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Through our school and the field training, we are working on approximately 500k hectares under regeneration.

Our Purpose

Ovis 21 promotes a culture of grassland regeneration and biodiversity so the land will sustain people, their businesses and communities.

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