Dale Lasater passed away last Friday 10/14 in a tragic horse accident (Read Obituary Here). He was an early adopter of Holistic Management; a pioneer in the grassfed beef movement and a founding member of the American Grassfed Association. He was also one of the first ranchers to direct market cuts of grassfed meat online.

Dale’s family have been well-known trailblazers in the ranching industry and Dale certainly lived up to that reputation. His father Tom Lasater wrote the book, the Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Breeding and developed an extremely flexible and powerful matrix for selecting cattle, called the 6 Essentials. It’s designed to help ranchers cut through emotional bias, widely held misconceptions, and to stop chasing ever-changing fleeting market trends. Rather, it allows the rancher to make breeding and culling decisions based on what is working on their operation, in their environmental conditions, and under their management style. Like Holistic Management, it’s incredibly simple, but when adhered to is also incredibly powerful and results in invaluable differences in herd performance and manageability. Many Holistic Management practitioners use Allan Savory’s Planned Grazing in conjunction with the Lasater herd improvement framework.

Dale’s family also developed a composite breed, the Beefmasters, from Hereford, Shorthorn and Brahman genetics in the 1930’s. Today it’s one of the top 5 largest breed registries in the country. Beefmasters are known as one of the hardiest breeds in the U.S. and Dale played an instrumental role in their success. Dale managed the foundation herd at The Dale Lasater Ranch. Their annual field day and sale was something that people looked forward to all year and travelled from all over to purchase animals and learn more about regenerative grazing from family members like Dale.

Dale was deeply passionate about bringing working landscapes back to a thriving condition, where the land would achieve top performance in ecosystem functioning, as a result of how the domestic livestock on it were managed.

The world has lost an amazing hero and friend, and our deepest gratitude goes out to Dale for all that he did for this movement. We send our deepest condolences and love to his family and to all of those hurting from his loss. A memorial service is scheduled for this Saturday, October 22 at 9:00 a.m. at Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Church, 11020 Teachout Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80908.

We’ll miss you Dale!

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Savory Institute

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