Bureaucratic Blundering Endangering Horses and Humanity


Bureaucratic Blundering Endangering Horses and Humanity.

Today I had a request (below) to sign a petition to save 45,000 wild horses and donkeys due to be destroyed by the US Bureau of Land Management. They were removed from public lands to prevent the land turning to desert at a cost of many millions of taxpayer’s dollars in capture and feed costs. The BLM cannot find homes for them and so apparently plans to destroy them.

In my TED Talk (2013) http://on.ted.com/Savory on desertification viewed by close to 4 million people, and recently shown at a Congressional hearing, I explained how my research “proved” that land in Africa was desertifying because of “too many elephants” and how our government after verifying the soundness of my research subsequently shot over 40,000 elephants – only to see the land get worse not better. We were all wrong! While I learned from this greatest blunder and tragedy of my life and became determined to find solutions, it appears my fellow ecologists and institutional scientists are incapable of learning, or admitting to error.

That the land will get worse I will guarantee and stake my life on because the land is not deteriorating because of too many animals, but because of too few as I learned, and we have demonstrated now for half a century over millions of acres in the US and globally. I have shown this picture many times to make the point – a National Park in the United States with all cattle, sheep and horses removed about 80 years ago.

Frankly although signing the petition might save these horses it will not stop the desertification of the United States which will continue with or without these horses which are being captured and slaughtered needlessly and senselessly. Desertification of that land will continue because reductionist management and policies are the causing the desertification not the animals. No different from the same things right across vast North Africa and up into China – far larger than the U.S. causing so much violence and emigration changing the face of Europe.

When I think of the enquiries and expenditure on bank bailouts far less serious to the United States and world than global desertification and climate change, it is frankly time for a full Congressional Enquiry. I can only hope that millions sign the petition but go further and that AVAAZ will make enquiries and become involved in mobilizing public opinion against massive repeated blundering endangering more than these innocent horses.

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Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2016 16:30:42 +0200

Hi all,

Did you know that in September 1874 the US Army (4th Cavalry) slaughtered over 1000 horses belonging to the Commanche Red Indians. “The infantry roped the crazed horses and led them into a firing squads” (National Geographic March 2014).
The dead horses (over 1 048) rotted there and their bones bleached for years, “a grotesque monument marking the end of the horse tribes’ dominion on the plains”. This act was carried out by military in an effort to shatter the backbone of Indian resistence. All their horses, their food, their tools of survival, their means of transport and mobility, were gone.

Today, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the US is planning on slaughtering 45,000 wild horses and donkeys? ………
Don’t let the horror be repeated…. PLEASE sign the petition.

I just signed a Care2 petition to demand that the BLM return the wild horses and burros to public lands instead of killing them. Will you join me? Click here to learn more and sign your name too!



Allan Savory

Allan Savory

Allan is a lifelong ecologist and the creator and co-founder of Savory Institute. He originated Holistic management, a systems thinking approach to managing resources. His Holistic Management textbook, and Holistic Management Handbook have influenced thousands of ranchers and land stewards across the globe.
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