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The 2017  Savory Hub Leadership Bootcamp was held in Gunnison, Colorado in partnership with Coldharbour Institute, a hub candidate. The Savory Institute team worked with the new hubs teams to equip them with the context, skills and information to create a solid business plan for their new hub. The beauty of late September in the Colorado Rocky Mountains was thoroughly enjoyed. After long days of business planning the group found refreshment on the trails around Crested Butte, Colorado.

Savory Institute CFO Jim Snyder shares information with the hub candidates at the leadership bootcamp in Gunnison, Colorado.

Sarah Gleason, Savory Institute Marketing Director, and Abbey Smith, Savory Institute Global Network Coordinator, enjoy a trail run near Gunnison, Colorado.

Meet Shane Cross and Jamie Cross of the Boot Ranch, LLC from Douglas, Wyoming, leaders of the Savory hub candidate serving Wyoming, United States.

Jamie Cross writes:

We are a father-daughter-son team in eastern Wyoming, focused on healing the land and positively impacting our communities via a three-tiered model, starting with our family ranch and expanding to landowners, land managers, businesses, and organizations in the region. 

Our leadership team is exemplary in our unique combination of experiences, including implementing professional development workshops and materials that create change; partnering with industries outside of agriculture to protect fish and wildlife habitats; and consistently landing at the top of agriculture markets with GAP-4 certified, grass-fed beef.

To learn more visit

Check out the family’s hub application video.

Hiking near Gunnison, Colorado and enjoying the fall foliage is a built in perk of the hub leadership bootcamp.

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