Alexandre Family Farm Becomes First Land to Market Verified Dairy In The U.S.

Starting February 1st, Regenerative Organic A2/A2 Dairy Will Be Available Nationwide
Alexandre Family Farm milk cartons

CRESCENT CITY, Calif., Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alexandre Family Farm has become the Regenerative Organic Alliance’s first and only Regenerative Organic Certified™ dairy farm in the United States. The Alexandre Family Farm is also the first dairy to obtain Ecological Outcome Verification certification by the Savory Institute. These certifications acknowledge that the farm’s practices go far beyond sustainability to continuously improve soil biology as well as the entire ecosystem – water, land, air and animals. 

“When we began farming this way 30 years ago, we weren’t intentionally trying to have an impact on climate change,” says founder Blake Alexandre. “We were focused on the health of the soil and manage our pasture by having our animals graze our land. When you increase organic matter in soil, you also capture carbon.  We soon came to realize that healthy soil not only has positive effects on our pasture, our cows and their milk, but it has a profound effect on our planet as well. Over the years, we’ve become increasingly proud of producing food that’s not only good for your body but good for the earth.” 

The Savory Institute’s Land to Market Program tracks outcomes in soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem function through the Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) protocol, which collects scientific data over time to prove regenerative outcomes.

“We strongly believe that regeneration must be measured. By using empirical data, the Alexandres show foresight and initiative in managing land with an ecological approach,” says David Rizzo, COO, Land to Market. “This is a major step forward for dairy, and we are excited to see these verified products in the marketplace that meet the consumers desire to know their purchase is supporting the shift to regenerative agriculture.”

The Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC™) program is based on strict standards for soil health and land management in addition to animal welfare and farmworker fairness.  Alexandre Family Farm was one of only 21 farms selected globally to be a part of the ROC Pilot Program, and joins leading brands Patagonia, Dr. Bronner’s and Nature’s Path in attaining certification. 

“Dairies face unique challenges to earning a certification as rigorous as ROC. The Alexandres’ achievement of this high-bar seal is a true testament to their commitment to ecological, humane and ethical practices across the board,” says Elizabeth Whitlow, Executive Director of the ROA. “We are so proud to welcome them into the ROC family!”

Regenerative Organic A2/A2 Milk Becomes Available Nationwide On February 1st, 2021

Milk is an efficient superfood and a great source of energy, vitamins, electrolytes and protein. Milk protein is made up of whey and casein. Traditionally, the beta casein in cow’s milk was the same as the primary protein in human milk called A2/A2. This protein is easily digestible and is similar to breast milk, sheep and goat milk. However, over time, a genetic mutation resulted in the introduction of the A1 protein –which is difficult for humans to digest and linked to stomach upset and inflammation.

In fact, many people who believe they are lactose intolerant are actually A1 intolerant. After Blake and Stephanie Alexandre learned about this genetic mutation, they started to carefully crossbreed their cows to remove the A1 protein from their gene pool. After two decades, they now have the only regenerative dairy herd of 100% A2/A2 cows in the U.S. 

Starting February 1st, Alexandre Family Farm milk will become the first 100% A2/A2 regenerative organic milk to be distributed nationwide. Alexandre cartons (59 oz) will be available at Whole Foods and other retailers throughout the country. 

About Alexandre Family Farm
As fourth generation dairy farmers with over 40 years of experience, Blake and Stephanie Alexandre founded Alexandre Family Farm in Crescent City, California in 1988, and began bottling under their brand in 2017.  Along with their five grown children and spouses, they operate the only certified regenerative organic and 100% A2 dairy and mobile coop egg ranch in the United States. Their products include 59 oz. eco-carton milks, distributed nationwide, and eggs, bottled milks and yogurts available west of the Rockies. 

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About Land to Market
A leader in the regenerative agriculture movement, The Land to Market program uses a science-based approach to provide a voice for the land in the marketplace. Born within the Savory Institute, Land to Market starts at the source and works directly with raw material producers to enhance the transparency and traceability mechanisms for some of the nation’s leading consumer packaged goods companies, apparel brands and retailers. Land to Market’s Ecological Outcome Verification protocol extends across the entire value chain by providing support to processors and intermediaries who are keeping up with the needs of the growing regenerative movement. Learn more at

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