Yale University and Savory

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Over thirty graduate students and two undergraduate students at Yale University’s Department of Forestry and Environmental Studies attended a 2-day introductory workshop in Holistic Management on February 20-21, 2016. Byron Shelton of Savory Institute provided the training on the Yale campus in New Haven, Connecticut.

All of the foundations of Holistic Management were discussed on the first day. With the nice weather students were able to walk out on the land on the campus’s urban farm to assess the ecosystem processes. Holistic Financial Planning, Holistic Land Planning, Holistic Planned Grazing, and Ecological Monitoring were reviewed on the second day. Good discussions were had on using holistic management to manage land, to diagnose the ecosystem, to help determine research to carry out, and to help evaluate policy.

Phyllis Van Amburgh with the Savory Institute Hub in New York joined Byron to present a shorter overview of Holistic Management and grass fed dairying in the northeast using holistic management on February 22.

The interest of the students was tremendous. Savory Institute thanks the Yale University staff for their hospitality and effort in organizing the event.

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