Savory Institute Announces Hub Candidates for 2015


We are pleased to announce that we have sorted through all the applications and nominated nine hub candidates for 2015. These candidates will be joining a prestigious existing group of twenty Savory Network Hubs already providing education and implementation support to land managers in their region on Holistic Management. Altogether these organizations represent 16 countries on all 6 habitable continents.

Hub Candidates will finalize the accreditation process before the end of the year. Each Hub is required to identify and manage an agricultural demonstration site, finalize business plans, secure financing, and work with Savory Institute accredited professional educators to provide Holistic Management training, consultation and ecosystem services in the region. The Hubs will also be supported by the Savory Institute to develop market opportunities for farmers and ranchers in their area.

“We are partnering with local organizations around the globe, facilitating a growing network of Hubs who learn from each other as they bring Holistic Management to their region in their own context. We are working on growing this network of locally led and managed Hubs to over 100 by 2025,” said our CEO Daniela Ibarra-Howell. “It’s an extremely exciting time as each new organization represents the opportunity to positively influence thousands of people and millions of hectares of land.”

Each Hub candidate will send staff to participate in advanced Holistic Management training to build their local capacity. In May they will attend the Hub Leadership boot camp in Zimbabwe at the Africa Centre for Holistic Management, an existing Hub that is part of the Savory Network, on Dimbangombe Ranch, Allan Savory’s home. In October, they will join the current 20 Savory Network Hub organizations in San Francisco, CA to participate in this year’s Savory Institute International Conference which should draw a crowd of 500 to 700 people. Leaders from each Hub will spend 2 days specifically working together before the conference to strengthen relationships with one another and explore opportunities to grow international collaborations.

Hub candidate Jackoline Milne from the Northwest Territories, Canada says, “Allan Savory is the hero of my heroes. It’s such a profound honor to be working with him, the Savory Institute, and these other stellar organizations.”

The following organizations comprise the 2015 Hub Candidates:

  • CIRENAS – Costa Rica
  • Grassfed Network – Texas
  • Kusamala Institute of Agriculture & Ecology – Malawi
  • Maranoa Landcare – Australia
  • Michigan State University – Michigan, U.S.
  • Northern Farm Training Institute – Canada
  • Sosoni Institute – Idaho, U.S.
  • Vitality Farming – United Kingdom
  • White Oak Pastures – Georgia, U.S.
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The Savory Institute is on a mission to regenerate the grasslands of the world and the livelihoods of their inhabitants, through Holistic Management. Since 2009, Savory Institute has been leading the regenerative agriculture movement by equipping farmers, ranchers, and pastoralist communities to regenerate land within culturally-relevant and ecologically-appropriate contexts.
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