New Global Hub Candidates Prepare For Action


The Savory Institute facilitated the 2018 Fall Leadership Bootcamp for a group of 15 leaders representing eight new global Savory Hub Candidates in Gunnison, CO, USA.  The Hub Candidates attending training included Caring Dairying (New Zealand), Thousand Hills (Minnesota, USA), Triple P Ranch (Oklahoma, USA), Efecto Manada (Chile), Cabrijo Ranch (Missouri, USA), Farm to Food Missions (Ohio, USA), Singing Prairie Farm (Maine, USA), and Ayrshire Farm (Virginia, USA).

The outcomes of the Leadership Bootcamp are multi-faceted; to learn, create, and experience.  The hub candidate leaders learn about the Savory global mission and their crucial role within the Savory Network, they learn the ins and outs of the Land to Market Program, and they are equipped with core messaging and communication strategies as part of the Savory family.  The result of the bootcamp is the creation of focused business plans by each of the hub candidates, a crucial piece of finalizing their accreditation and being set up for success in the first year of operation.  Along with this learning and creating, the final piece of the Leadership Bootcamp is to experience quality time together to bond in our shared global mission, enjoy the land and community of the Bootcamp location.

In this year’s fall Bootcamp, the group was able to engage with the local Savory Hub, the Coldharbour Regenerative Network, by visiting their demonstration site at Parker Pastures for a field walk and discussion on EOV setup and monitoring, as well as for an incredible dinner sourced locally through Parker Pastures and Calder Farm.  The 10-day training was filled with hard, focused classroom work, outside engagement with the land, incredible meals and quality time together, and relationship building that will bring new opportunities and possibilities to the global movement.

Photo Credit: Taylor Nicole

Savory Institute

Savory Institute

The Savory Institute is on a mission to regenerate the grasslands of the world and the livelihoods of their inhabitants, through Holistic Management. Since 2009, Savory Institute has been leading the regenerative agriculture movement by equipping farmers, ranchers, and pastoralist communities to regenerate land within culturally-relevant and ecologically-appropriate contexts.
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