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When facing global issues like climate change and food insecurity, many of us may feel helpless and try to be as small and inconsequential as possible to reduce our collective footprint.

Here at NFTI, we believe a transformed footprint is needed instead, in restoring landscape and nurturing more life as fast as we can.

Our farm campus is a demonstration and learning site of sustainable food production in the northern Boreal, using animals as our bio-fueled earthwork machines to create and manage more silvopasture, a more diverse forest habitat that supports browsing and grazing animals.

Our animals are also incredible waste reducers: using brewery spent grain, used restaurant oil and grocery store ‘distressed food’ as their fuel, and shredded cardboard and paper as their bedding.

Many of our students are from remote indigenous communities across Northwest Territories, where there is limited/ no road access and rocket high food prices.

Through our workshops and training programs, we empower and inspire them to build food systems in their communities to bring hope, health and resilience.

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Jackoline Milne
  • Beef / Bison
  • Lamb / Goat
  • Agroforestry
Year Accredited
  • Professional Educators (1)
  • Communal & Commercial Curriculum

NWT, Canada

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