Jefferson Center for Holistic Management

The Jefferson Center for Holistic Management is the Savory Global Network hub serving Northern California and Nevada. Owned and operated by Spencer, Abbey and Maezy Smith, the Jefferson Center offers accredited Holistic Management training, coaching, mentoring and implementation support.

Spencer Smith is a Savory Field Professional and Master Verifier. The Jefferson Center is equipped to enroll producers in the Ecological Outcomes Verification (EOV) program, which is a farmer-first, data-backed program for measuring regenerative outcomes on the land.

The demonstration site for the Jefferson Center is Springs Ranch in Fort Bidwell, California. It is 1,800 acres of forest, dryland pasture and irrigated meadows in Surprise Valley in the far northeastern corner of California. The ranch is certified organic, and operates as a cattle ranch.

The Smiths offer a ranch work study program on the ranch and travel throughout the Northern California and Nevada (and into Southern Oregon) region providing Holistic Management courses, implementation support, EOV set up and events.

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