Grazing for Wealth Global Field Day Success


Written by Chris Kerston, Director of Market Engagement and Public Outreach

At the Savory Institute we hold in very high-regard two specific types of experiences that are incredibly powerful for human-beings. One occurs when you get a group of people together out on the land – almost immediately expert and novice alike find ways to sharpen each other’s skills in being able to the read the land. Social barriers also tend to diminish and we all become students of nature. The other experience is bringing a diverse group together to discuss a topic over a shared meal. Sharing nourishment as a “herd” is a practice that goes back to the dawn of our existence and it still today is incredibly effective at galvanizing social connections.

For 2017, our Savory Hub Network was excited to host two such events. The first one, took place on June 24th and was called Grazing For Wealth. The focus of the day was to get people out on the land for a shared learning experience. We had 12 events take place simultaneously on the same day around the globe in Australia, Canada, Kenya, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe, and in the United States we had events in California, Colorado, Kansas, and Washington.

Initially our goal was centered on getting farmers and ranchers to this event on the land to learn from our Hubs about managing holistically. However, nearly every one of our Hubs reported that they had tremendous interest from educated consumers who wanted to be a part of this special day as well to learn about reading the land. The hubs reported story after story about the great connections that were made between their attendees. It was a very exciting day!

Allan Savory and Byron Shelton from the Savory Institute team hosted this introductory video, which premiered at the Hub events, about how to read your land across the brittleness scale.

Save the Date

Our next global event – Consumer Revolution Farm-to-Table event – will be on October 21st and will also take place on multiple locations around the globe. Each hosting Hub will be facilitating a shared meal and a discussion around the nexus between food, health, and our environment. More information coming soon…

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Savory Institute

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