Live Q&A With 'Wild Like Flowers' Author Daniel Griffith

The Restoration of Relationship Through Regeneration
Daniel Griffith
Savory Hub Leader
Author of Wild Like Flowers

This is a book about Regenerative Agriculture gone wild.

This book of short stories and essays is a wondrous meditation on sunrises and wildness, on wildflowers and walks. It is also a book about you, about me, and about the ecosystem regeneration possible through learning to see the wild gifts of Relationship.

Drawing on life in his Wildland-a 400-acre process-led and emergent farm that nurtures ecosystem regeneration, carbon sequestration, nourishing foods, bio-diversity, and species habitat-the acclaimed author and poet, emergent conservationist, and Savory Institute Hub Leader, Educator, and Consultant, Daniel Firth Griffith, provides a poetic portrait of the powers, magic, and rich abundance harvested by learning the language of connection and the restorative powers of Relationship.

Wild Like Flowers is a collection of personal reflections from Griffith’s regenerative wildland that utilizes the magical gifts of being, connection, reciprocity, and community to probe the larger concerns of the modern agricultural movement in lyrical and meditative prose that is a true celebration of life itself. It presents a choice to stop; to nurture awareness; to learn a language of Relationship instead of dominance-of community not colonization. A choice that understands life and the landscape of our place as something we commune with-a Relationship-a vision that places human life a bit closer to being Native to this place.

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“This beautifully written book of short stories and essay exudes atmosphere and a deeply felt sense of place. …If there were a poet laureate of holistic management, his name would be Daniel Griffith.”
Allan Savory

“Wild Like Flowers is a beautifully written work that places the reader onto the landscape itself. Griffith puts into words what so many in the Regenerative Movement are missing. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be a part of the community of Creation.”
Gabe Brown

“This book is about the core of regeneration. . . .I recommend this book for anyone looking to tend to the wild within and around us as well as engage with the earth in a meaningful and regenerative way.”
Doniga Markegard

“A buoyant riff that gets to the heart of regenerative farming. Embrace the spirit of this exuberant book and let it take you someplace wild within you.”
Judith D. Schwartz

MAR 10th, 1PM MT


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