Learn how to support regenerative agriculture with your daily purchases

Learn how you can help build, support, and contribute to a healthy planet with your daily purchases. 
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Is this food land-degrading or land-regenerating?

Savory Institute and Kiss the Ground have teamed up to help you become a climate-conscious, land-regenerating, well-educated shopper. This guide is easily a $20 value, but you can download the #EatforClimate Purchasing Guide for free today!

Thank you to the authors: Annie Martin, Lauren Tucker, Blair Wojcik, Jessica Chiartas, Don Smith, and Kiss the Ground‘s team of editors, advisors, & partners for your support in creating this guide!


Download your free guide.

What You Will Learn

Eat Well
When you source your food from local producers practicing Holistic Management, you are getting a higher quality and more nutritious product while at the same time mitigating your climate impact.

Build Soil
Get to know the brands you purchase from, examine their ethos, and ask them about land management and soil health. By purchasing from companies that invest in this planet through their supply chains, you’re sending signals to the market that can lead to large-scale change.

Regenerate the Planet
Discover the farmers and ranchers who have learned to raise animals in a different way, rapidly regenerating landscapes by moving livestock across grasslands to mimic the ancestral movement patterns that large herds of herbivores once had on grassland ecosystems.