A thriving global community working to advance Regenerative Agriculture

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The Global Savory Network

We must work together to make our world a better place. Everyone has a role to play in this important work. What is yours? We invite you to explore with us.Β 

Consider becoming a hub leader, an accredited professional, or a Regenerating Member. Want to learn more about how to get involved with leaders of regenerative agriculture across the globe? Scroll on!

Accredited Hubs

Savory Hubs are locally owned, led and managed initiatives across the globe, offering Holistic Management consulting and training services, on-going support, accreditation, state-of-the-art content and tools, and access to the land, networks and funding resources necessary to create a local impact.

Hub Candidates

Organizations or individuals chosen to participate in a vetting and application process in order to become a Savory Hub.

Special Projects

Special Projects are partnerships with aligned organizations, with the intention of building capacity and proof of concept in key strategic regions. Special Projects may evolve into Hubs once capacity is built and local leadership developed.

By The Numbers

Accredited Professionals
Land Managers Trained
Hectares of Land Managed Holistically

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How to Get Involved

Savory Hub Network

A great way to explore if you and your farm, ranch or organization are ready to become a hub is to complete the short, online hub interest form, accessible through the link below.

Accredited Professionals

Accredited professionals are trainers and implementers of Holistic Management. Equipped with accreditation in the complete and current Savory Holistic Management body of knowledge, they teach, train, and support Holistic Management practitioners.

Regenerating Members

Savory Regenerating Members are advocates for Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture. As members and supporters of the Savory Global Network, they propel a paradigm shift in public opinion and ignite the movement of regenerative agriculture.