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You have the power to grow, strengthen, and become part of Savory Institute's Global Network with a monthly gift.

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Your monthly support brings Holistic Management to more farmers and more acres.

Members Give Support

Just like a regenerative ecosystem in nature, monthly member support creates a decentralized, diverse, and resilient funding ecosystem for regenerating healthy grasslands.

The Network Grows

Savory’s global Network of learning 
Hubs are the key to spreading Holistic Management. Your  monthly support allows Savory Institute to bring more accredited Hubs into the Global Network.

Hubs Train Farmers

Hubs provide local farmers with the training and support needed for learning and successfully implementing Holistic Management in their regional context.

Land & Soil Regenerates

As more farmers adopt Holistic Management, more acres are restored back to healthy grasslands, carbon is sequestered into the soil, and nutrient-dense food is produced.

Australia, Before

Australia, After

For pennies a day, members get exclusive perks.

You vote with your dollar every day for food and fiber purchases. 
Now, vote with your dollar to directly help boots on the ground.


$ 10
  • Quarterly webinars
  • Annual meeting with 
Allan Savory
  • Holistic Management 
online course
  • 25% off all Savory products & offerings
  • Access to Network Collaboration Platform
  • Full suite of advocacy materials
  • 400 acres of land restored each year


$ 20
  • All Champion Benefits
  • Past conference & webinar recordings
  • 15% off Network partner brands
  • Invite to annual Savory Network Reunion
  • 'Regenerative' t-shirt (NEW)
  • 800 acres of land restored each year


$ 50
  • All Champion & Steward Benefits
  • 1-on-1 meeting with Savory staff
  • Savory belt buckle (NEW)
  • Signed copy of Allan Savory's book
  • 2,000 acres of land restored annually

Monthly member calls, quarterly webinars with regenerative ag thought-leaders, and an annual video conference with Allan Savory are all perks of membership. Previous webinars have included pasturecropping expert Gabe Brown and authors Judith Schwartz, Josh Tickell, Charles Massy, and Dan Daggett.


Savory’s Collaboration Platform is the digital nexus where Hubs, Accredited Professionals, Staff, Advisors, and Regenerating Members come together to share thoughts, resources, and opportunities. With searchable user profiles, social feeds, asset libraries, discussion forums, and job boards, you’ll have direct access to the brightest minds in Holistic Management.


Each year, Hubs from around the world convene to establish deep-rooted connection with their fellow Holistic Managers. New this year, Savory is expanding this gathering to include the entire network – Hubs, Accredited Professionals, and Steward-level Regenerating Members. Join us at the 1st annual Network Reunion, November 10-11 at White Oak Pastures!


By providing reliable and predictable monthly support, Regenerating Members are a vital part of growing and empowering the Savory Global Network, helping to train more farmers with Holistic Management and creating a livable planet for many generations to come. 100% of membership support goes towards program-related expenses.


"The brilliant thinkers in this network consistently provide me with wisdom and inspiration."

- Emily C.

"Being a Member is instrumental to my professional work promoting regenerative agriculture on small family farms in my region."

- Michael R.

"I've finally found a way to blend my passions for health and the environment while making a meaningful difference in the world!"

- Brandon W.

Discounts from Network Partners

All members get 25% off Savory Institute offerings. STEWARD members also get 15% off from these partners.