Dharma Lea, an organic dairy farm, experienced ecological, economic, and social benefits after switching to Holistic Planned Grazing. Download this case study to learn precisely how Dharma Lea improved their land, life, and business.

Less Stress, More Grass by Managing Holistically

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Improvements over 3 years included:

👉 Increased the number of grazing days per year by 120%, saving them $27,300 annually

👉 Improved profitability with a gross margin of 41%

👉 Increased carrying capacity of the land and reduced their feed costs

👉 Improved livestock health and milk quality

👉 Improved quality of life for the entire family, including more time to spend together, more wildlife to enjoy, a sense of community, and a lot less stress

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What You Will Learn

Foundations of Holistic Management
Holistic Management is a framework for managing complex systems. This ebook will teach you the foundational principles of Holistic Management.

Ecosystem Processes
When you run into issues, you will be able to better understand your options when you manage your land within a holistic context. This course will help you develop these skills.

Holistic Management Decision Making
Your land management skills are vastly expanded when you are able to impact a wider range of inputs. Holistic Management gives you the power to address problems more effectively.