Oct. 14, 12PM ET / 9am ET

Timberland Boots Webinar

How Timberland is partnering with Land to Market to launch a new line of leather boots made from verified regenerative leather sourced from the Savory Global Network
Timberland and THLG logos
Zachary Angelini
Manager of Environmental Stewardship, Timberland
Matt Maier
Owner & Savory Hub Leader, Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed

Meet the Brands Leading the Consumer Revolution

We’re very excited to bring you this series of live interviews from Savory’s Land to Market team, diving deep with the Frontier Founder brands supporting Land to Market and revolutionizing supply chains.

Revolutionizing Supply Chains

The Savory Institute, along with a number of incredible brands and producers, is changing the way we think about product sourcing. We’re improving ecosystems with smarter sourcing as part of the Land to Market Program.

Improving Sourcing Impact

When brands care about the impact of their products, they wield the power to transform the communities that grow their food and fiber. Land to Market brands are building biodiversity, improving soil health, stabilizing rural economies and reversing ecosystem damage while they set themselves apart in the consumer market.

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Oct. 14, 12PM ET / 9am PT


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