Studio Hill

Studio Hill is a 4th/5th-generation family farm in southern Vermont. Our goal in farming to strengthen the land’s natural cycles so that we may regenerate the natural resources and abundant ecosystem of this land.

To achieve this goal, we use Holistic Management to manage our enterprises and Holistic Planned Grazing to manage our livestock and pastures.

We’re very proud that our ecosystem regeneration and Holistic Management work has earned us a spot as a Savory Institute Global Network Hub.

Our Purpose

We are building a holistically managed food production system that regenerates the land, is compassionate for the livestock, and is enriching our local, rural community.

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Cally and Jesse McDougall
  • Meat
  • Lamb / Poultry / Pork
  • Multi-species
  • Research
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  • Field Professionals (1)
  • EOV Monitors (1)
  • Verifiers (1)
  • Commercial


Vermont, USA

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