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Located in the Eastern Cape – an area of expansive grasslands known for beef and wool production – the South African Hub provides training for commercial and communal farmers.

The region is home to the largest group of communal livestock farmers in the country, whose subsistence life is impacted by vast tracks of degenerating land – increasingly unable to sustain the number of animals on it.

Therefore, the Hub’s core focus is training communal farmers in Holistic Management, to help restore the depleted grasslands and renew economic health in the communities through enterprise development.

In 2019 the Flanders’s Government provided funding for the Communal Agricultural Transformation (CAT) project: a climate change adaptation initiative focussed on land regeneration and community empowerment.

Livestock farming forms the backbone of many poor rural communities in Africa – without restoring land through regenerative management, this way of life remains gravely threatened.

The SA Hub’s vision is to be part of the regenerative solution in Africa.

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Hub Leader
Rolf Pretorius & Michal Pretorius
  • Beef / Lamb / Goat
  • Meat
  • Wool
  • Multi-species
  • On-site Processing
  • Research
Year Accredited
  • Field Professionals (1)
  • Professional Educators (2)
  • EOV Monitors (1)
  • Communal & Commercial Curriculum

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