Pampa Oriental is the Uruguayan Hub of the Savory Institute and part of the Global Hub Network. Founded in late 2019, the Hub specializes in Holistic Management training and implementation in all 7 Uruguayan eco-regions. The Hub offers HM courses and EOV installation and monitoring services to support producers in converting their lands and operations to HM. It also provides an HM demonstration site as an educational resource for participating producers. The Hub’s Holistic Management demonstration site, Valle Sol, is located in southeastern Uruguay on 608 hectares of virgin pasture native to the region.

Our Purpose

Through Holistic Management, we seek to increase the country’s production not only in economic capital but also in social and environmental capital.

Our purpose is to provide tools to the rancher/farmer so that they benefit daily, trying to stop the migration of young people from the countryside to the city.

We seek to connect the producer, the industry, and the brands with different products that come from farms that are regenerating so that the demand for these regenerative products increases. This way, we can achieve an added value that leads to higher income and improves the ranchers’ situation in general.

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Hub Specialties

Hub Leader
Felipe Urioste
  • Beef / Lamb 
  • Meat / Dairy
  • Wool / Fiber
  • Leather
  • Agroforestry
Year Accredited
  • Field Professionals (11)
  • EOV Monitors (11)
  • Verifiers (1)
  • Communal Curriculum 


Aiguá, Uruguay

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