Lake City Research Station: Michigan State University

The Michigan State University Spartan Hub was the first university to be recognized as a Savory Hub in 2015. The Spartan Hub is based out of the Lake City Research Center which was founded in 1928.

The Lake City Research Center includes 810 acres of managed land and 180 beef cows in a geographic area suitable for forage-based livestock enterprises, potato and bioenergy crop production.

The center is a leader in grazing and grassfed beef research and outreach. The faculty’s research at Lake City focuses on forage and beef production systems that are holistic, sustainable and profitable.

The center’s mission is to bring about practical, common-sense solutions to agricultural sustainability obstacles using research- and knowledge-based problem solving with the assistance of industry partners and the community.

As part of this mission, the Spartan Hub provides scientific advice to the Savory Institute and the Hub Network.

Our Purpose

LCRC is a well-funded regionally, nationally and internationally recognized facility who positively impacts clientele annually and our students, preparing them for leadership and change while modeling stacked enterprise, regenerative farming producing nutrient dense food, and other products from the land.


Hub Specialties

Hub Leader
Matt Raven
  • Beef
  • Research
  • Commercial Curriculum
Year Accredited
  • Professional Educators (3)
  • Field Professionals (3)
  • Master Field Professionals (2)
  • EOV Monitors (3)
  • Verifiers (2)
  • Master Verifiers (2)

Michigan, USA

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