Laghum Service

Supporting a Nordic Network for regenerative agriculture defined as: “Facilitating for highest imaginable vitality in ecosystems, by effectively satisfying human needs.”

To make things Laghum is to address the distance between people and between people and the land keeping them alive.

Laghum is an ancient Swedish word meaning “what works for everybody”, and we are using it to express the interdependence between the land, the managers of the land and the people kept alive by the land being properly managed.

Self-reliant groups of people, sharing responsibility for access and management of land, using the language of Holistic Management and appropriate legal agreements to get along with each other and with nature.

Providing service to Laghum is the purpose of our hub enabling these intentional communities to emerge, thrive and to beat the competition from the prevailing and degenerative food system.

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Jörgen Andersson
Märta Jansdotter
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Dairy
  • Wool
  • Skin
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