aleJAB: Juntas Arreglamos la Biosfera

aleJab is a non-profit association bringing together a network of agents for a change in agriculture. We are part of the global network of the Savory Institute and are accredited as the hub for the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa.

The association was established in March 2016, but the people who make up aleJAB have been working towards regenerative livestock management for years.

We comprise 3 demonstration farms who have been applying and learning about Holistic Management since 2015. (Mundos Nuevos en Retamal de Llerena, Badajoz; Defesinhas en Elvas, Portugal; y Merineando, en Cáceres).

Our Purpose

We promote the regeneration of soils and agroecosystems, through cooperative learning within the framework of Holistic Management.

We contribute to the recovery the traditional knowledge and cultures, as well as to the increase of skills and abilities in the decision-making process in rural areas.

We contribute significantly to the sequestration of carbon in soils, as well as the increase of other environmental services and sustaining life in society, through successful demonstration experiences that allow us to learn collaboratively.

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Hub Leader
María Catalán
Gustavo Alés
  • Beef / Lamb / Goat
  • Meat & Dairy
  • Wool / Fiber
  • Multi-species
  • On-site Processing
  • Agroforestry
  • Research
Year Accredited
  • Professional Educators (5)
  • Commercial Curriculum


Portugal / Spain

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