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Israel Hub for Land Regeneration is a non-profit organization registered in Israel whose mission is to support the transition of Israel and the region to regenerative agriculture by training and supporting farmers, ranchers, and authorities in managing holistically.

Founded by Shira and Yam Goren, members of Kibbutz Mevo Hama (agricultural cooperative). The communal herd covers 2300 hectares, with approx. 800 mother cows.

The climate is Mediterranean, with 8-9 months of the dry non-growing season. The complexity is high between communally owned businesses, army territory, neighboring minefields, wolves, and jackals; never a dull moment.

Shira is a former tourism business owner with a long track record of working with communities on social issues. Yam is an experienced rancher, Managing the Mevo Hama cattle ranch, the communal herd, and pastures.

In Israel, HLM is heard of but not supported by the academy, and we aim to influence land management nationally. Therefore connecting the institutions is critical. To promote this, we have drawn a pasture researcher and funds for two researchers to follow our work on the demonstration site and conduct comparative research between outcomes (biomass, biodiversity, soil parameters) of conventional grazing Vs. Holistic Planned Grazing.

Our Purpose

We exist to give people the hope that they can positively impact their environment and succeed on their land in a way that facilitates change by connecting people to the earth and each other. So that regeneration becomes a way of life.

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