Holistically Organised Life Denmark (HOLD)

Located in Denmark – an area of intensive industrial agriculture known for dairy and pork production – the Danish Hub provides training for commercial farmers.

The region is becoming more industrialized, and with land prices rising, farms are getting bigger and farmers fewer causing a loss of biodiversity and soil health, increasing the costs involved in production.

Therefore, the Hub’s core focus is training commercial farmers in Holistic Management to help restore soil fertility and prevent economic difficulties from arising in the future by developing a resilient farm organism.

Mixed small-scale farming has shaped and sustained the danish landscape for generations – without small farms being continued, this landscape is undergoing a drastic change.

The Danish Hub’s vision is to be part of the regenerative solution in Europe.

Statement of Purpose

To spread the good news that cows can cool the climate even by talking to strangers and teaching them how to stabilize the environment for future generations – sooner rather than later.

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Oliver Schouw
  • Beef / Lamb
  • Meat
  • Dairy
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