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Hickory Nut Gap (HNG) is a farm and a brand that believes that we all thrive from the ground up. It began at the home farm in Fairview, North Carolina when owners Jamie and Amy Ager returned to the family land after college in 2000. They were direct marketing pioneers and
began selling 100% grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork and poultry within the region while marketing sustainable agriculture principles and practices. Demand quickly grew beyond what the farm could produce, so HNG partnered with other regional farmers to balance supply and demand within our wholesale markets. Our partner farmers follow strict protocols to ensure that we sell in the same way for every piece of meat we raise, with a keen eye for ecosystem health and animal welfare.

The growth and presence of the HNG name within the region led to a vibrant agriculture education model at the home farm and investment in a poultry processing facility and on-farm butchery.

Hickory Nut Gap has remained a leader in the regenerative agriculture space all these years. Hence, the need to become a Savory Hub was a natural fit for our own farm’s needs to manage complexity but also the needs of our partner farmers. We use EOV to monitor regenerative outcomes within our supply chain while sharing holistic management strategies with farmers. Scaling this industry with integrity is difficult, but we are committed to the process.

Statement of Purpose
Through diverse relationships, a working farm practicing holistic management, and a belief that all humans thrive from the ground up, we provide business and ecological monitoring services and consumer education to farmers and the public to improve the regional capacity to increase acreage under regenerative management that improves soil health, animal health, and financial success for those in the region.



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Asher Wright
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  • On-site Poultry processing
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  • Research
  • Consumer Education
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North Carolina, USA

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