Grassfed Sustainability Group

GSG Texas is dedicated to building a network that teaches comprehensive land management decision making that integrates all resource components throughout Texas.

Our focus is on regenerative agriculture through the use of Holistic Management and ruminant animals.

By regenerating the land, soil and water of the grasslands within our influence, we help to assure the financial viability and quality of life of producers and their communities.

Our mission is to reach as many range management decision makers as possible in order to help restore health to degraded soils and ensure a financially sustainable future for the next generation.


Hub Specialties

Hub Leader
Chad Lemke & DON DAVIS
  • Beef / Bison / Lamb / Goat
  • Multi-species
  • Land Management
  • Grassfed
Year Accredited
  • Field Professionals (1)
  • EOV Monitors (1)
  • Verifiers (1)
  • Master Verifiers (1 pending)
  • Commercial Curriculum

Texas, USA

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