German Hub for Land Regeneration

Landregeneration facilitates the conditions for community to emerge – through the regeneration of the natural and cultural environments in the German speaking region of Europe.

We serve the German-speaking region and the bordering regions of continental Europe with Holistic decision-making within complexity – through Holistic Management pathways and coaching, monitoring with the lens for the ecosystem processes, EOV (Ecological Outcome Verifications), and facilitating the organization and structure of healthy (farm) teams.

Landregeneration is not based on one farm. We are operating within a network of practitioners and learning sites. From the North Sea to the Alps we support…

  • farmers and farm teams, seeking a shift toward regenerative work with their land and their own resources.
  • organizations and communities, making decisions about planning for a sustainable and resilient future for the region and surrounding area.
  • individuals without access to land who want to become advocates for regeneration and apply holistic thinking in their own context.

Regenerative journeys with wild questions for healthy communities.


Hub Specialties

Hub Leader
Leon Bucher & Robin Höltzcke
  • Dairy
  • Working with Complexity
  • Systems Thinking
  • Process Flows
  • Farm Team Development
Year Accredited
  • Professional Educators (5)
  • Field Professionals (1)
  • EOV Monitors (2)
  • EOV Verifier (1)
  • Commercial Curriculum


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