Efecto Manada

Efecto Manada, Savory’s Global Hub serving Chile, is founded and managed by Isidora Molina. Isidora is backed by collaborators such as José Manuel Gortázar and Elizabeth Barkla who own and manage the main demonstration site in Chile: Fundo Panguilemu.

Fundo Panguilemu is located in the heart of Patagonia, a few kilometers from Coyhaique, the main city of Aysén Region. It also offers lodging facilities to stay and learn about Holistic Management from great Savory Educators, while enjoying awesome landscapes and food.

Efecto Manada has recently made a huge step by merging its activities with La Tonada, a company whose purpose is healing the planet by changing the way people produce and consume, and by scaling up regenerative agriculture.

Efecto Manada is in the process of equipping the hub to start certifying with EOV, allowing to tell the story behind every farm, family and product.

The Company is working hard to help people living on the farms, mimic nature to enhance the environment, wealth, health and produce resilience. The result will be quality food, and animals with a dignified life.

Efecto Manada delivers Savory’s Official Trainings, sets up Holistic Managed Farms and goes along with private and public projects.


Hub Specialties

Hub Leader
Isidora Molina
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Wool
  • Multi-species
Year Accredited
  • Professional Educators (3)
  • Field Professionals (2)
  • Commercial Curriculum


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