Ayrshire Farm

Nestled in the heart of hunt country Virginia, Ayrshire Farm is a working manor farm spanning 1,000 certified organic acres that is home to heritage breed cattle, pigs, chickens, and turkeys.

It’s our mandate to bridge the gap between traditional food production methods of the past and the future of regenerative agriculture.

Starting as a single farm using holistic planned grazing back in 2005, we now have control of our entire supply chain including slaughter, processing, and retail.

We do not take this success for granted and now teach our pasture based methods to a growing network of partner farms, ensuring that they don’t have to make the same mistakes we did while giving them a dedicated market allowing them to focus on what they love and keep farming a viable career.

We are committed to raising farmer and consumer awareness of the benefits of regenerative agriculture on our health, our watershed, and our world.


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Alexis Russell
  • Beef
  • Meat
  • Multi-species
  • On-site Processing
  • Research
Year Accredited
  • Professional Educators (2)
  • Commercial Curriculum



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