Australian Holistic Management Co-operative Limited

The Australian Holistic Management Co-operative seeks to promote and support Australian food and fibre production based upon regenerative Holistic Management practices

We are keen to work with all farmers and businesses who share the values of our brand, so that consumers can have the choice to buy products produced from farmland where ecological health is improving.

Our brand is supported by the robust monitoring approach of Ecological Outcome Verification. We can also support farmers to develop their own farm management approaches, through access to Holistic Management knowledge and training.

Australia has an experienced community of Holistic Management educators, and we work with these educators to deliver training and ecological verification.

Our Purpose

To improve the recognition and support in the community and throughout the food and fibre supply chain, for the efforts of producers to regenerate agricultural land by creating a quality assurance scheme and a sought-after brand for Australian regenerative agriculture practitioners and their products.

The decision-making of the co-operative will be guided by an evolving Holistic Context that encompasses consideration of our statement of purpose and our intentions for quality of life and our future resource base.


Hub Specialties

Hub Leader
Tony Hill, Ian Chapman, Brian Wehlburg, Rebecca Gorman, Michael Gooden, & Helen Lewis
  • Beef / Lamb / Goat
  • Wool / Fiber
  • Leather
  • Multi-species
  • Market Gardens + Vineyards
Year Accredited
  • Professional Educators (10)
  • Field Professionals (11)
  • Verifiers (1)
  • Master Verifiers (2)
  • Commercial Curriculum


NSW, Australia

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