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New Zealand could and should be a world super power in regenerative agriculture by ensuring its pasture management approaches are focused on promoting healthy, ecologically and environmentally sound farming practices providing improved social outcomes.

Āta’s mission is to help New Zealand’s farmers make this opportunity a reality and to spread this change to the world.

Holistic Planned Grazing promotes healthy pasture though improved soil health which absorbs and stores carbon, promotes biodiversity and provides the platform to create highly nutritious plant and animal food. Being a custodian of a healthy landscape positions a farmer to take advantage of shifts in consumer behaviour which are driving disruptive new global food trends.

Regenerative agriculture is really a way of thinking. In many ways, it represents a back to the future approach. Regenerative approaches seek balance unlike industrial systems, which have traditionally been established to maximise the extraction of return from a resource.

Effective regenerative practice in contrast takes a holistic approach aiming to better manage the integration of social, economic and environmental complexity. It is a viable option capable of solving many of the challenges facing New Zealand’s farmers today.

Our Purpose

To be the catalyst which leads change through Holistic Management to diversified regenerative farming methods by challenging current concepts and providing leadership, a frame of reference, training, solutions and support.


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Hugh Jellie
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  • Multi-species
  • Agroforestry
  • Research
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