Holistic Management Case Studies, Profiles, & Articles


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Summary:  The Savory Institute empowers people to properly manage livestock by teaching them how to use Holistic Management, connecting them in ways that have benefits for everyone, and removing barriers along the path to success.

Many of our key audiences such as policymakers, landowners and investors want evidence that shows  Holistic Management works to achieve large-scale environmental, economic, and social benefits.

To meet this need, the Savory Institute is working to measure impact by monitoring the health of ecosystem processes, sequestration of atmospheric carbon into soil carbon, wellbeing of our communities, as well as our financial vitality. In addition to this monitoring and research and this collection of case studies, profiles, and articles, the Savory Institute has currated a portfolio that proves the principles behind Holistic Management includes peer-reviewed journal articles, theses and dissertations, reports, and presentations. The gaps in research, documentation, and monitoring will guide us in strategically identifying collaborations and projects in which to engage.

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