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Holistic Planned Grazing Course

This is a three-day course taught by Savory Field Professional Spencer Smith March 1 to 3, 2019. The course covers the foundations of Holistic Management, holistic decision-making and is a comprehensive study of the methods, tools and techniques of Holistic Planned Grazing.

Participants gain hands-on experience developing their own grazing plans. The workshop includes locally-sourced lunches for each day, pasture walks on the ranch to see holistic grazing planning in action and one-on-one time with Savory field professionals to discuss your unique farm or ranch. Join us and learn how to increase production and capacity of your land while improving the health of the land and your peace of mind. Learn more about how holistic planned grazing works. All training materials and educators are accredited by the Savory Institute.


Mar 01 2019 - Mar 03 2019


Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles
8:00 am - 5:00 pm




Richards Grassfed Beef
12206 Rices Crossing Road, Oregon House, California


Abbey Smith
(530) 640-0872
[email protected]

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