Controlled intensive grazing: Savannah Grasslands, Africa


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Summary: This chapter appears in a book about sustainable land management, the development of water buffers, and the business case in favor of investment in natural resource management. The financial payback, economic dividend, and social impact of investing in integrated landscapes – if done properly – are rewarding: sustainable land management and water buffers transforms lives by providing economic security. Holistic Planned Grazing increases the rainfall infiltration rate of soil and its ability to sequester carbon, such that a greater amount of rainfall enters and is held by soil, helping to prevent flooding and improve drought resilience.

Steenbergen, Frank, A. Tuinhof, L. Knoop, and J. H. Kauffman. 2011. “Controlled intensive grazing: Savannah Grasslands, Africa.” In Transforming landscapes, transforming lives: the business of sustainable water buffer management, 72-77.

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