Webinar | Nov. 2nd @ 1pm MT (GMT-6)

Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Allan Savory

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About the Webinar

At the age of 87, Allan Savory has had a prolific career. 

From his early days as a tracker in the Rhodesian Army to becoming a political refugee that landed him in America where he pioneered Holistic Management, anyone who has ever shared a brandy with Allan around a campfire knows he has quite the list of stories to tell.

Let’s hear those stories.

Join us for a special “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) style interview with Allan Savory on November 2nd at 1pm MT, exclusively for members of the Savory Global Network.


Popularized by communities on Reddit, AMA’s are a fun and engaging style of interview where audience members submit questions and the interviewee answers them one-by-one in a live format. Given the long trajectory of Allan’s life work, we can’t wait to see where the conversation takes us!

No, this will be a private event for members of the Savory Global Network (meaning Hubs, AP’s, and Regenerating Members).

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