Allan Savory Comment On 9-11 (2001)

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Read full paper: Allan Savory Comment On 9-11 (2001)

Summary: As the events of the 11th unfolded I found myself so overwhelmed that for an hour or two
I simply pulled out of an important planning meeting in which I was engaged. I needed to
sit quietly with my thoughts. In my youth, growing up in Rhodesia after World War II, I
somehow recognized that guerrilla warfare would be the future form of warfare and I
began studying and later fighting for over twenty years in such a war. I mention this past
briefly because as this week unfolded, having gone through much of my life in senseless
guerrilla warfare, I began to see the past floating before my eyes.
What I saw was not the endless showing of the towers being hit and then crumbling,
followed by the anguish of family and friends of the dead but something sinister and
frightening. I felt an emptiness not because of the tragic loss of life of so many
Americans and others, including we think five of my countrymen, but because of the
views coming through the television interviews with leaders and public figures. I could
not help but notice that all talked of America’s strength and resolve, war and revenge.

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