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Earn Savory-backed Accreditation

Savory Accredited Professionals (AP’s) are trainers and implementers of Holistic Management. 

Equipped with accreditation in the complete and current Holistic Management body of knowledge, AP’s teach, train, and support Holistic Management practitioners. Training from Allan Savory himself and other Holistic Management pioneers and innovative thinkers, make Savory Institute AP’s truly outstanding in their field.

Professional Training

Training in Holistic Management for commercial practitioners, private land-managers, and communal land-based practitioners, as well as NGO’s and governments working with pastoralists.

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Implementation Support

On-the-ground support for land managers and Holistic Management practitioners.


Are you ready to transform land? To turn barren, dry land into a thriving, biodiverse landscape? Holistic Management accreditation through the Savory Institute equips producers around the world with the knowledge necessary to bring life back the land.

Perhaps you are already managing land but want to improve forage production and the land’s carrying capacity. Commit to the practice of Holistic Management by becoming an accredited professional with the Savory Institute.

What You Will Learn

Foundations of Holistic Management

Holistic Management is a framework for managing complex systems. An Accredited Professional knows how to practice and teach the foundational principles of Holistic Management.

Ecosystem Processes

Accredited professionals help others see the world through the lens of the four ecosystem processes. This is key to reading landscapes and helping producers identify the earliest indicators of soil and ecosystem health or degradation.

Holistic Management Decision-Making

Without a Holistic Context and decision checks, land managers risk becoming reactive and extractive in their management. Accredited Professionals guide people to realizing their full potential, ecologically and socially, through the practice of Holistic Management. As an accredited professional, you work directly with people to form their own Holistic Context for their Whole Under Management.

Accreditation Benefits


Access to the Savory network through the exclusive online collaboration platform.

Regenerative agriculture career and internship jobs board.


A chance to build a rewarding career as an educator and consultant.

Connect with Savory hub leaders, Champions and other Accredited Professionals across the globe.


Latest accredited training 
and course materials including planning charts, course outlines and a photo library.

Two continuing education short-courses offered by Savory Master Trainers.

Learn more by joining a meet up group.