$30 allows the savory network to regenerate 100 acres.

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You are the climate water hunger poverty ONLY solution.

Support the boots-on-the-ground network bringing hope to more lives and land around the globe.
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Meet the lives you're changing.

Click the map to meet some of the 5000+ farmers and pastoralists empowering their communities with Holistic Management.

See what hope looks like.

Drag the slider to see regenerating land that provides food, water, and climate security.
zimbabwe before 2004 zimbabwe after 2007

Know the impact you're creating.

Hectares Influenced

Since we started accounting for hectares under management in 2014, we have steadily increased the amount of land influenced each year.

People Trained

As the Global Hub Network has grown each year, so has the number of people trained in Holistic Management by their regional Hubs.

Give the gift of regeneration. Give hope.

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