Month: July 2019

Climate Change – Cause and Remedy

barren land with scattered grass

In today’s doomsday world, I have a profoundly simple message of hope for the youth facing the future.

A change to a simpler form of management can address the cause of global desertification and climate change, by dealing with the full web of complexity that today we are incapable of managing. Let me… Read more »

One Picture Tells It All

About a century ago, many, many coal miners lost their lives because of undetectable pockets of gas in the mines. That was until they learned to take a canary in a cage into the mine with them. Canaries were very sensitive to the gas and if the bird fell off its perch, the miners… Read more »

Ecological Health Index study published by MSU & Ovis 21

Peer-reviewed study demonstrates the efficacy of the Ecological Health Index––a component of the Ecological Outcome Verification protocol––for quickly and affordably measuring grazing land function.