Month: January 2019

How We Can Offer Hope For Our Grandchildren in a Floundering, Leaderless World

If you are concerned about the future of young people today please read this to the end because in today’s short-attention-span sound-bite world, I believe this offers true hope for my grandchildren and yours. In many ways what I write is the culmination of sixty years of struggle to find workable solutions to the devastation… Read more »

Savory Hub Awarded for Outstanding Practice in Agroecology 2019

The World Future Council has announced Africa Centre for Holistic Management as a winner for Outstanding Practice in Agroecology 2019. The recognition highlights outstanding practices advancing the transition towards agroecology from the global South. Out of 77 nominations from 44 countries, an international panel of experts selected 15 winners for empowering small-scale food producers, nurturing… Read more »

Reassessing the role of grazing lands in carbon-balance estimations: Meta-analysis and review

This study compared the carbon (C) balance reported by (i) national inventories that followed the simplified method (Tier 1) of IPCC (1996/2006), with (ii) an alternative estimation derived from the meta-analysis of science-based, peer-reviewed data. Results show that the potential for grasslands to sequester carbon is large and unaccounted for in standard IPCC models.