Month: December 2018

Kering: Engagement für nachhaltige Landwirtschaft

Die französische Kering-Gruppe hat Umwelt- und Tierschutz zur Priorität erklärt. Jetzt schließt der Luxuskonzern ein Bündnis, um die nachhaltige Landwirtschaft zu fördern.

Der Luxuskonzern Kering macht im Einsatz für eine nachhaltige Mode den nächsten Schritt.

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Kering et le Savory Institute lancent le premier approvisionnement écologique certifié au sein de l’industrie de la mode

Kering et le Savory Institute ont noué un partenariat afin de promouvoir l’impact positif de l’agriculture régénérative dans le secteur de la mode. Ainsi, Kering est le premier acteur du secteur de la mode et du luxe à rejoindre le rang des Frontier Founders du programme Land to Market™ du Savory Institute, dont le but… Read more »

Kering focuses efforts on reducing environmental impact of its fashion empire

Kering is taking a major step towards making the fashion industry more sustainable, in tandem with the environmental charity The Savory Institute.

The luxury behemoth, which counts brands such as Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga on its books, has joined forces with the farming non-profit to promote the role of regenerative agriculture within the fashion industry.

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Kering advocates for regenerative agriculture in supply chain

Kering is working towards advancing its sustainable measures. The global luxury group, which encompasses brands including Gucci, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, has become a frontier founder in a new initiative facilitated by charitable ecological organization, The Savory Institute.

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Kering to utilise regenerative agriculture for raw materials

PARIS – French luxury apparel group Kering has announced a new collaboration with The Savory Institute to utilise the positive impact regenerative agriculture can have in the fashion industry. As part of the work, Kering has become a Frontier Founder under Savory’s Land to Market programme to promote and support the regenerative production of raw… Read more »

Kering Partners With Savory Institute For Regenerative Sourcing Plan

PARIS — Kering and the Savory Institute have joined forces to apply the nonprofit’s “Land to Market” system for sourcing to the fashion industry.

Noting the industry’s part in damaging ecosystems, the luxury giant said the idea is to promote agriculture practices meant to reverse environmental damage. So-called regenerative raw materials are key to building a… Read more »

Kering forms two new partnerships

PARIS – Luxury fashion firm Kering has announced two new partnerships: launching a sustainable innovation award with Plug and Play in China; along with a collaboration with the Savory Institute to advocate verified regenerative sourcing solutions.

The award aims to fast-track sustainable innovation within the luxury and apparel sectors in Greater China, and the collaboration to… Read more »

Stories of Impact: Zimbabwe

Just outside of Victoria Falls, the 20 smallholder farmers of the Sizinda Community have joined together to use Holistic Planned Grazing with support from their local Savory Hub – the Africa Centre for Holistic Management. Rather than each person managing their own animals and competing with others for grass, collectively the small holder farmers manage an average of… Read more »

Kering Savory Press Release


Kering and The Savory Institute announced a new collaboration today to recognize the positive impact regenerative agriculture can have in the fashion industry. As a first in fashion and Luxury, Kering has become a Frontier Founder under Savory’s Land to Market™program to advocate verified… Read more »