Day: August 24, 2018

Restoring the Climate Through Capture and Storage of Soil Carbon

Read full paper: “Restoring the Climate Through Capture and Storage of Soil Carbon Through Holistic Management“ Summary:  The quantity of carbon contained in soils is directly related to the diversity and health of soil life. All organic carbon sequestered in soils is extracted from the atmosphere by photosynthesis and converted to complex molecules by bacteria and… Read more »

Holistic Management Overview

Read full paper: “Holistic Management Overview“ Summary:  The Savory Institute empowers people to properly manage livestock by teaching them how to use Holistic Management, connecting them in ways that have benefits for everyone, and removing barriers along the path to success. Many of our key audiences such as policymakers, landowners and investors want evidence that… Read more »

About Holistic Planned Grazing

Read full paper: “About Holistic Planned Grazing“ Summary: Holistic Planned Grazing is a planning process for dealing simply with the great complexity livestock managers face daily in integrating livestock production with crop, wildlife and forest production while working to ensure continued land regeneration, animal health and welfare, and profitability. Holistic Planned Grazing helps ensure that… Read more »

Climate: A Restoration Story

Read full paper: “Climate Change, Holistic Soils, and Holistic Planned Grazing – A Restoration Story“ Summary: Regenerating the health and productivity of our soils is critical for ensuring the Earth’s climate remains conducive to not only human life but other species as well. Moreover, we need to take direct action so that we have enough… Read more »