Month: June 2018

Starting A Farm: What You Need To Know

how to start a farm and have a thriving business

When setting out to farm, often the inspiration is a desire to live on the land, grow food, and be self-reliant. Here are a set of values and insights that have been acquired from twenty years of farming and learning from my mistakes.

Beauty, form, and function are the building blocks of farming. Beauty is expressed… Read more »

Effective Livestock Grazing and A Regenerative Future

Effective livestock grazing is the way to a sustainable future.

Everything eats and is eaten, and a main indicator of effective livestock grazing is watching the biodiversity increase and flourish in a balanced way. As a regenerative rancher I look toward that principle of nature to steward the 10,000 acres of grasslands my family manages in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a family owned… Read more »

Sustainable Agriculture and Land Management Practices Will Protect Our Future

Sustainable agriculture can protect future ecosystems

It would be impossible to describe civilization today without noting the enormous contribution of petrochemicals, all nonrenewable. In a few hundred years, we have burned through scores of millions of years-worth of stored photosynthate to accomplish what we have. Without sustainable agriculture and land management practices, we are well on our way to saving absolutely… Read more »

Regenerative vs. Sustainable Agriculture: What’s the difference?

The key difference between regenerative agriculture and sustainable agriculture is the intention to regenerate, or renew, the productivity and growth potential of whatever is being regenerated.

Sustainable practices, by definition, seek to maintain the same, whereas regenerative practices recognize that natural systems are currently impacted and it applies management techniques to restore the system to improved… Read more »