Month: April 2018

Land to Market featured at Climate Conference

The Savory Institute was represented at a recent agriculture and climate change conference in Sacramento, CA. The conference was hosted by C-AGG (Coalition on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases). C-AGG’s mission is to be “the leading US multi-stakeholder organization focused on creating voluntary, market-based and incentive-based sustainable agriculture and climate change solutions for farmers, ranchers and society.”

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Adaptive multi-paddock grazing enhances soil carbon and nitrogen stocks and stabilization through mineral association in southeastern U.S. grazing lands

This paper conducted a large-scale on-farm study on five “across the fence” pairs of Holistic Planned Grazing, referred to by the authors as adaptive multi-paddock (AMP) grazing, and conventional grazing (CG) grasslands covering a spectrum of southeast United States grazing lands. Findings showed that the AMP grazing sites had on average 13% (i.e., 9 Mg C ha−1) more soil C and 9% (i.e., 1 Mg N ha−1) more soil N compared to the CG sites over a 1 m depth. Additionally, the stocks’ difference was mostly in the mineral-associated organic matter fraction in the A-horizon, suggesting long-term persistence of soil C in AMP grazing farms.