Month: June 2017

Savory Journey to Dimbangombe

Savory Journeys’ recent tour to the Africa Centre for Holistic Management in Zimbabwe “exceeded expectations” with “like-minded people coming together to learn and share the joy of travel”. The priority of the Africa Centre for Holistic Management (ACHM) is to train, equip, and empower communities to restore their land and wildlife. Our Journey focused on… Read more »

Science & Institutional Behaviour Dangers

Severe & dangerous reality involving “science” & institutional behaviour.

We operate globally through our organizations.  Institutions or organizations reflect the beliefs of the society in which they are formed, and they assume a life of their own once formed. They do not behave as any normal human would.  Society, almost universally, believes technology will solve our… Read more »

Seriously making America great


Comment posted immediately following September 11th attack.

As the events of the 11th unfolded I found myself so overwhelmed that for an hour or two I simply pulled out of an important planning meeting in which I was engaged. I needed to sit quietly with my thoughts. In my youth, growing up in Rhodesia after World War II,… Read more »