Month: May 2017

Soils Fully Embraced In Addressing The Climate Threat

A report on Sequestering Carbon in Soil: Addressing the Carbon Threat gathering – Paris, France.

Agricultural soils, including grasslands, have been clearly recognized as huge potential sinks for carbon if properly managed.

The loss of more than half of carbon stocks in the world’s agricultural soils from poor practices can be restored by practices that regenerate biological… Read more »

Join the Savory Global Book Club

Written by:  Abbey Smith, Savory Global Network Coordinator

The Savory Global Network is starting a book (reading) club organized by Savory Champion, Megan Grover. The Savory Institute Holistic Context states that we are highly nurtured, challenged, and supported by our team and community. Let’s challenge and support each other in our thinking through reflection on good books!… Read more »