Month: August 2016

Keystones, Gateways, and Flock Effect: Assessing Pastured Poultry from a Holistic View

by David Schafer

What cattleman in his right mind would want to raise chickens? Why complicate life with time-consuming, small scale, side enterprises? Here are three reasons, laid out within the Savory holistic framework, that compel every land steward, big and small, high rainfall and desert, to consider raising pastured poultry.

Keystone Species – the ecological precedent

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Holistic Management for Pasture-based Dairies

By Cynthia A. Daley, Ph.D.
Sweet Grass Organics

The Holistic Management (HM) model can be applied to any type of operation, agricultural and otherwise. I have found it to be an invaluable tool for my pasture-based dairy and custom grazing business. My farm (for my Midwest friends)/ranch is located in the rolling oak foothills of the Sierra… Read more »